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About us

Chum IT LLC is based in Kentucky, United States and was officially launched in Feb'2018. At Chum IT, we focus on helping U.S. Healthcare agents to grow their business by providing them right-fit software tools.

During this small journey, Chum IT has managed to go a long distance in developing an intuitive software, ProducerMAX that perfectly matches the need of Healthcare agents. ProducerMAX is a software platform that enables the agent to integrate and track their client data in both desktop and mobile as well as forecast their Commissions. We are receiving great feedback from the agents on the software and recognized as "MUST HAVE" tool for every healthcare agent.

Along with this journey, we established a strategic partnership with PlanAdvisors, one of the leading FMOs in U.S. Healthcare and we continue to explore more partnerships with Carriers, FMOs.

Background of ProducerMAX

Sales agents (aka Producers) are the frontline leaders in the enrollment of retail Medicare, a federal health insurance program for senior citizens and certain people with disabilities. Senior citizens rely on agents over the internet as agents do an in-depth analysis of right-fit plans based on the medical and financial conditions of their clients. Also, agents stay accountable post-enrollment and help their clients in case of any need.

Currently, 44 million Medicare beneficiaries are being served by 600k agents, and the enrollment is expected to rise to 79 million by 2030. Also, a new cybersecurity regulation has been introduced by NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) to ensure agents follow standards in protecting the sensitive data of their clients.

(Un)Fortunately, agents are largely untouched by technology and unencumbered by a dominant competitor. The increase in Medicare population and CyberSecurity regulations causing dramatic change as the agent world shifts to be more productive by having instant access to client information with high-security standards.

Founders of Chum IT identified this need in the market and came together to help U.S. healthcare agents by developing an innovative software ProducerMAX


We are in need of skillful team members, and if you believe you can add more strength to ProducerMAX with your skills, you're welcome. Introduce yourself at work@chumit.com with your latest resume.